Celebrating Our 4th Annual Ink to End Lyme Flash Event

February 29, 2020 –

Each year, more than 427,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease around the country. Those rates are rising. The incidence of Lyme disease​ ​nearly doubled between since 1991 and 2014 and the Centers for Disease Control note a steady increase year after year. Chronic symptoms of the disease range from minimal to disablement to death. 

For the fourth year in a row, Loose Screw Tattoo will help make a difference during the Ink to End Lyme flash event on February 29, 2020! Funds raised will support Lyme Warrior’s efforts to invest in research, treatment, and support for those living with the disease. The event is one of dozens occurring around the country to support the organization.

During Ink to End Lyme, Loose Screw will lower its shop minimum and price the flash designs at $50 and up. The event always draws a crowd of tattoo collectors, artists and volunteers who bring it to life. Fresh and exclusive flash designs will be by Loose Screw’s talented team of internationally known artists, including Jesse Smith, Jason Stephan, Nick Mitchell, Chris Jenkins, Jen Bean, Anna Wolff, and Dondrae Usual.

The first person in line will receive a free tattoo by shop owner and Ink Master celebrity Jess​e ​Smith. The second and third person in line will be guaranteed a spot to be tattooed by Smith, as well. Flash sheets with all available designs can be found on Loose Screw’s social media and at the shop during the event. 

The event is an extension of Smith’s work through the Giving Arts Foundation. Smith recently founded and launched the nonprofit along with Vice President Kenny Brown of Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival, Gabe Ripley of TattoNOW, and Amanda Stephen. The mission of GAF is to unite the arts community to support urgent and meaningful causes locally and internationally. All  proceeds of the Ink to End Lyme Flash Event will be given to the Lyme Warrior, whose mission is to fight for better treatment, testing, and understanding of Lyme Disease. Outside of tattoo purchases, donations will be accepted to support the cause. You may come and be a part of the event without getting a tattoo. 

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