Make a Difference with Loose Screw: Learn about the Giving Arts Foundation

– October 25th, 2019 –

Here at Loose Screw, each of us is a member of the community. That community starts here in Carytown, spreads throughout Richmond, and eventually extends to the global community. We’re all connected and that means we all should work together to make a difference whenever we can. 

That’s why the team at Loose Screw has organized events to raise funds for Lyme Disease treatment, for Art180, and to help our friends in need. Together with our friends and artists around the country, we’ve officially launched the  Giving Arts Foundation (GAF)

The mission of GAF is to unite the arts community to support urgent and meaningful causes locally and internationally.

Leading the way is President Jesse Smith of Loose Screw, Vice President Kenny Brown of Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival, Gabe Ripley of TattoNOW, and Amanda Stephen of Loose Screw. This united collection of artists will ignite other artists to make a difference with their talents.

“I’ve spent 20 years building my career and now I want to give back,” Smith said. 

The vision for the nonprofit is to connect and empower artists in localities around the country to positively impact the community at large. GAF will use art to raise awareness and funds for causes that are urgent and meaningful to its members. Artists from varying disciplines will unite for special events and campaigns to generate social and financial support to make an impact. With compassion and perseverance, GAF will ignite the skills of artists motivated to make a difference. Together, we’ll create a safer, healthier, and more beautiful community for us all. 

The new nonprofit kicked off fall 2019 with Live Art for Charity at the Richmond Tattoo, Arts & Music Festival. Artists from around the world transformed canvases that were auctioned off online during and after the festival. A few of the muralists creating for the Live Art event included Richmond-based Matt Lively, internationally recognized illustrator Sterling Hundley, surrealist and comic artist Esao Andrews and OG Abel known for his work for Sony, Coca-Cola and Converse. Pablo Fontagnieir, known as “Hombre SUK” is coming from Germany to attend the event and create a piece of his signature graffiti inspired illustrations. 

This was not the first time the group has made a difference together. 

Live Art for Charity Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival

Ripley has organized Earth Day fundraisers that unite 80 tattoo shops for flash tattoo fundraisers. In Fredericksburg, Kenny Brown has raised more than $175,000 to support local causes. There’s a room named Jack Brown’s Room in the Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault’s facility. 

“At first we couldn’t believe their weren’t any tattooers doing that sort of thing,” Brown said. “Our mission was to inspire others to join in to do it, too.”

Look out for new events and opportunities to support the Giving Arts Foundation including our annual Earth Day celebration.

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