Guest Artist: Poch

Edward Best, also known as Poch, will have a residency at Loose Screw Tattoo from July 19th-24th. The artist thinks of himself as a storyteller. Every piece tells a different tale of a person’s past, hopes, and dreams. When you preview his work on Instagram and his website, you’ll find that his images on paper and on skin appear so real that they seem to jump off the canvas. 

Poch has been a tattoo artist for 23 years. He practices his craft by constantly drawing and shares his creative process and final work on Instagram. His portfolio showcases a wide range of characters, people, and objects like Baby Yoda, strawberries, Robin Williams, and personal portraits.

“I love everything I do,” he says. “I have always been an artist and love the fact that I can express myself on skin and it will last forever.”

His designs are both in full color and black and white. Poch calls his style “artistic interpretation.” Many would call it realism. 

“I don’t like to put myself in a category, though,” he says. “I just love to tell a story with my pieces.”

Poch has traveled widely and especially loved his visits to South America because of the culture. This will be his first visit to the Richmond area. He’s looking forward to growing artistically during his visit. 

Loose Screw Tattoo’s owner, Jesse Smith, is a “big inspiration” to Poch during his journey as an artist. Smith reached out to Poch to offer him the guest residency. 

“I’ll be a fool not to accept,” he says. “Jesse offered and it was one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever had.”

To book with Poch while he’s in Richmond, you can visit his website to schedule your appointment. Click here.

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