Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival

– February 15, 2012 –

The Loose Screw Tattoo Crew will be tattooing at the Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival!! March 2-4th of 2012 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. It's gonna be a blast guys so come hang out with us!! Click on the image below to view more info about the show!! If you would like to get tattooed by anyone at Loose Screw Tattoo (Jesse Smith, Jason Stephan, Faniel Darren, and Bexx) during the convention, send me an email to loosescrewtattoo@gmail.com and I will see about getting you onto the line up!! What I would need is: a) Who you want to get tattooed by? b) How much are you wanting to spend? c) What would you like tattooed? d) Where you would like to get the tattoo? e) Is there a preference in which day? f) What is your phone number? Thanks so much!! See you guys soon!!! :)