It's Tattoolapalooza Time!!!

– May 07, 2012 –

Jesse Smith and Jason Stephan are both heading out to Miami Florida once again to take part in Tattoolapalooza!!!! Both artists are currently accepting requests to be added to the schedule to be tattooed while they are in town!! Please email us at with the following information... ... and we will let you know of the progress... 1) Which artist are you interested in getting tattooed by? 2) Where would you like to be tattooed? 3) Please give a good description of what you are looking to get tattooed? 4) How big are you seeing this tattoo? 5) How much time/money are you wanting to put into this tattoo? 6) Is there a particular day that you are wanting to get tattooed? 7) What is your phone number, in case we need to get a hold of you? 8) Any other special requests/ info we need to know? Thanks, Look forward to hearing from you all!! :)