....Featuring BEXX

– July 21, 2011 –

So, if you haven't already taken a gander at the button above titled Bexx to view the amazing-ness that is Bexx!! I definitely encourage you to do so. She has lots of great tattoos and artwork for your viewing pleasure! If you ever get a chance to come out to the studio... come chat her up sometime, she's totally fun and passionate about her work! She currently just released two new prints for you to purchase through her store. We love having her here and I'm sure you guys will enjoy watching her continue to grow and further amaze us in our little habitat that we are conjuring up over here! We also wanted to congratulate her on her new journey as a MARRIED WOMAN!! Wow-sa!! :) :) Here are the prints for sale: Just contact BEXX using the contact page below them to buy them!! I KNOW YOU"RE EXCITED!!!!