Jesse in Tattoo Jam!!

– August 10, 2011 –

So, we have lost communication with Jesse since he is all the way across the world right now. However, emails have been trickling in and it seems he is having way too much fun out there in the UK!! :) Here are some pictures sent to us from a super special lady that got inked by Jesse this past weekend, Rianne Rowlands. She ended up helping Jesse out at the booth!! Thanks Rianne for all your help!! You are the cutest lifesaver we have had to date! ;) Thanks for being so enthusiastic about Jesse and his work!! Oh- Did I mention Rianne is an artist herself!! She makes the cutest little caricatures! Here is one she drew up to thank Jesse for the tattoo she received! If you wanna see more of her work go to Ok. That's all I have on Jesse so far. We should have more updates on the whole trip coming soon!! :)