Jesse's travels to UK and Europe!!

– August 10, 2011 –

You guys asked for it, and now he is finally coming! We are excited to announce that Jesse will be in the U.K. and Europe tattooing at various locations. You will see his itinerary listed below. If you would like to get tattooed by him at any of these locations, please click reply or send an email to, with the following information: 1. A BRIEF DESCRIPTION of what you would like to get 2. WHERE on your body you would like to get this tattoo 3. HOW MUCH you are willing to spend on this piece 4. PHONE NUMBER in which you can be reached Itinerary: August 5-7th @ Tattoo Jam in Doncaster, UK August 11-13th @ Fisheye Tattoo in Karlstad, Sweden August 16th-18th @ Crazy Greg's in Heidelberg, Germany Thank you all for your continued support, we really do appreciate it! Krissy