– March 05, 2012 –

Chris Coppola (Editorial chef of Rise Tattoo Magazine) and Frederic Claquin (Plan 9 Entertainment) came together with a collaboration of 400 photos of sick tattoos covering a span of 192 pages from your most favorite international tattoo artists. Jesse Smith being one of the honoraries to grace the pages. To learn more details about the book or to find out how to scoop one up, here is the facebook page.               I found this description of the book that I wanted to share with you. I like the concept behind it. However, it is a google translation of the original french version. So please excuse some grammatical weirdness. To see the real write up just click here. "TATTOOISME This word can define anything related to the tattoo and make it acurrent trend and a definition. What was seen as the mark of infamy, social rejection, the group membership, a middle or a claimed identity, is now consideredan art and living whole. But tattooing is evolving, growing and mutates, say artistic,and social. More accepted, also became the fashionable thrill with its excessesand its elite takes on the bandwagon, the tattoo does not overflow less imaginationand breaks his enclave. This art of skin affected by other currents, thus extendinghis image, his attitude and lifestyle indelible over a vast horizon visible in everyday life, from living persons course, the media and even for some time in art galleries,private collections filling. The tattoo has run away, off the beaten track and discoveruncharted territory that is both the base and the logical: painting, illustration,graphic design, customization of objects, design, drawing, collage, sculpture, etc.... this development does not occur without the participation and dedication of certain personalities, artists, tattoo artists claimed or not, you will find in the pages of Tattooisme. Give yourself the pleasure of discovering what drives the tattootoday. 192 pages and over 400 photos in an artbook simply essential!"