Zombee Tee

Bring your wardrobe to life with our ZomBee tee. This exclusive Spring 2021 Collection shirt features all-new designs in exciting colorways!

“The ZomBee is regarded as one of Carkayous’s most mysterious creatures. They build their hives in the cold, dark caves of the Shinokey Mountains and only venture out at night. Over the past decade or so the ZomBees have slowly infected the entire South West Peninsula. So much so, that they now must work their way up the coast to find new hosts for the virus. It’s still unclear as to how the ZomBee Virus started, but if you’re looking for a treat, ZomBee honey is a true delicacy.”

  • Original artwork by Jesse Smith
  • 100% cotton
  • Bella+Canvas T-Shirt
  • unisex

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